The great tradition of the father …

Pantalonificio Durio is a historic tailoring workshop located in Monferrato, born thanks to the enthusiasm and experience of Cristina Durio, heir to the artisan tradition of her father, Eugenio Durio, who had already started his tailoring business in the 1960s. Eugenio Durio, born in Alba, had chosen Monferrato, this traditional Piedmontese land famous for its food and wine excellence and for the seriousness and industriousness of its inhabitants, to give vent to all his creative instinct. A lot of passion, a lot of talent, a lot of dedication to work, interrupted by a tragic road accident that put an end to his young life.

The young Cristina follows his footsteps …

Cristina, however, grew up in such environments, with a sensory memory full of reminiscences of the noises of cutters and sewing machines, of the smells of wool caressed by the iron, as time passed she realized more and more that she also possessed her the creative instinct of her father, that innate passion for fabrics and tailoring. Then she successfully attended the prestigious Istituto Secoli fashion school in Milan, using her father’s teachings and adapting them to the needs of the times. It specializes above all in the production of women’s trousers, attentive to the continuous changes in styles and materials. He remains in Monferrato, from which he draws most of the manpower for his workshop. The beginning is hard, the competition is fierce, Cristina is helped in her work by her mother, Ms Lina, a woman of few words, but of great constancy; the Pantalonificio initially worked as a façonista for prestigious brands.

The big leap

Then the big leap: the creation of a collection of women’s trousers designed by Cristina Durio and the direct marketing of her product. Currently, some of the most important and famous haute couture houses appreciate our product, with the private label. Next to the factory, a company shop open to the public is also inaugurated, useful for testing the requests and needs of the public first and for proceeding with the correction and improvement of the modeling. In a few years the Durio Pantalonificio grows, entrusts the collection to representative studios covering all of Italy; in recent years, in addition to domestic, foreign markets are also addressed: United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Lithuania and Russia.

The production of women’s trousers ..

The company participates in important international fairs: Firenze Moda Prima, Tokyo, Seoul, a pride of which even his father Eugenio would have been proud. The Pantalonificio Durio has specialized in the production of women’s trousers, taking great care of the fit, the packaging, details and finishes, the choice of fabrics and delivery times. The dynamism of the company in the planning of production means that minimum customers of garments per model are not imposed on customers. The garments are all made of excellent fabrics in strict compliance with the Made in Italy philosophy.

“It is one of the first known and appreciated brands in the world, the brand of a know-how that distinguishes us in the eyes of other countries. Creativity, quality, Italian life style that are expressed mainly in the areas of clothing, furniture, mechanical automation, agri-food “. So writes the “Il Sole 24 ore” on Made in Italy. The Durio trouser factory takes these concepts literally, concentrating with an almost maniacal attention to details and finishes. We aim to develop a mass production that still wants to remain close to the ancient paternal principle of tailoring, beauty and elegance for all ages and for all sizes.